About us

As a young child Noémie grew up in Belgium. Travelling around the world with her parents, triggered her desire to embrace new cultures and to seek adventure. After her studies as an interior designer in Antwerp she was eager to spread her wings. It was Damien, her boyfriend whom she met at Tomorrowland, that led her to Cape Town. Together they started working on boats and resorts in tropical waters. Always in pursuit of freedom and a new journey, she felt deeply inspired by the colours of the jungle, by the stories of fellow Free Spirit travellers and by the kindness of so many Airbnb-hosts along the way.

Travelling and doing what you love became her main goal in life. Being creative on a small scale in a world that is overwhelmed by mass production sure is a challenge. But the feedback and the support of so many friends and strangers from all over the globe, is the biggest reward there is. 

Ever since participating in a small designers-fair at the university where she studied, things started to bloom in a natural way. Beautiful Belgian boutiques began to sell the hand-made-with-love items, and this webshop is the next step to reach out to you, our tribe around the world!

If realising your dreams includes leaving your comfort zone and walking the unpaved paths, always remember that, doing what you love with the ones you love, is all that really matters while we’re here.

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